Expedited Freight Services

At Moon Warehousing, we make good on our promise to deliver the right product in the right condition, to the Freight Services Louisville KYcorrect destination, at the right time. When it comes to time-sensitive deliveries, your business is in good hands.

Our team is experienced in making one stop deliveries within a set timeframe. This means we find the most efficient route to avoid costly delays. Whether it’s a large shipment weighing in at our maximum weight of 3,500 lbs, or just a few pallets, we take care of our clients both big and small. We will promptly deliver goods of any size even if it means less than a truckload.

We offer customized freight services that support e-commerce businesses. For instance, we’ll provide you real time updates so you have the peace of mind knowing your deliveries are being made on schedule. For reliable and expedited freight services, call us at 502-550-7126.